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SPARK Sales and Marketing Assessment

To ensure measurable results, the customisation of all Business Recipes’ interventions is based on a pre-assessment and evaluated through a post-intervention assessment.

The Business Recipes SPARK Assessment tool is available to all interested parties. Your guide to improving your sales and marketing performance therefore starts here.

Many clients first talk to Business Recipes because they sense the need to improve their sales and marketing performance but are uncertain what questions to ask, what areas to focus on or what the nature and extent of any gaps in their sales and marketing flow are. “I know we must do something, but we don’t know what or where to start”.

Our Sales and marketing assessment gives you an entirely free and confidential way to assess where you are now, so that you can begin your journey to improved sales and marketing performance. The SPARK Assessment will take you through various processes to assist you with:

  • Marketing Overview
  • Effective Branding and Messaging
  • Accurate Prospecting and Targeting
  • Compelling Presentation and Networking
  • Closing more Deals
  • Keeping more Clients

The SPARK Assessment comprises two levels including:

  • Marketing Snapshot – Business level (Planning, branding and processes)
  • Sales Snapshot – People level (Skills, confidence and structure)

Once completed you will then get a snapshot rating across numerous sales and marketing criteria, as well as recommendations regarding potential assistance and interventions. Please share your findings with us.

To download the SPARK Assessment tool, click here.



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